Post#193. Travel around Greece: Porto Rafti

35 km South from Athens...

Great place near the colourful city life is perfect for those who want to feel the spirit of traditional Greek summer. Porto Rafti is the Aegean coast of the Attica, with small houses, great places for swimming and tasty traditional food Souvlaki (grill meat is placed in bread with traditional white souce Tzatziki). But inside this place is well known fro the Latin party organised in the local seaside coffee shops.

35 км от Афин на машине и вы окунетесь в настоящий греческий колорит, с маленькими домами, чистейшим морем, вкусными сувлаками (кусочки свинины, жаренной на вертеле, в лепешке, с соусом "Дзадзыки" и помидором). Порто Рафти омывается Эгейским морем и еще не тронуто массовыми вылазками с туристических автобусов. Среди местных это место прославилось, благодаря вечеринкам латинских танцев, в кофетериях, прямо у моря.

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  1. Great place and great pics honey.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Travelling is creating a new energetic spirit and exciting in your life. I like your all travelling images in this blog. I have a great interest in travelling. I am a tourist and I absolutely know that the importance of travelling. This is a very beautiful and charming place for travelling. Good work and nice sharing.

  3. Your provided information is very useful for my trips. I am also a tourist and visited a lot of attractive places of the world. Greece is the world's most beautiful and pretties destination to see. Porto Rafti is a best place to visit in summer. I want to visit this place after my washington bus tours in summer vacations.

  4. Nice sharing! Porto Rafti is really a cool attraction in Greece. It is the best place to enjoy summer holidays. I am also a travel lover and have visit the area two years ago. It was amazing experience for me and my family to visit this town. Next week I am going to east coast new york.

  5. Greece is a nice place to see and one of my favorite tourist destinations. I have been visited there about a month ago before my us west coast tours with my friends. It is very attractive with over sixty inhabited islands, historic sites that span four millennia, idyllic beaches and towering mountain ranges.

    1. Absolutely right Howard. Greece is a nice place to see the beautiful creation of God. My uncle visit in this country before tour los angeles las vegas grand canyon san Francisco. I wish I visit in this country in my life. Can you tell me the most famous destination in Greece?

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