Post#214. Ashish show in London Fashion Week

That's the next day after the great party!
The first spring trends came out from the London Fashion Week. After the New York shows we could not mention any special trend, that amaze us. The things are pretty clear: pastel colours, Mexico and Japan as the main inspiration countries and animal prints still in action. 
But there was one show, until now, that shakes totally ones imagination. 

 Ashish Gupta and his Coca Cola's addiction, transformed in glamorous sparkling way is the one catwalk, that got the "Wow!" from everybody! 

Ashish brings that special urban spirit in his denim clothes and African motives in accessory that was needed by this time. Here are the trends, you could take as idea and follow this spring: oversized dresses, styled with impressive necklaces (size matters!), funny statement prints on your simple white or grey tops, and boyfriend jeans, transforming in to girly look with additional sparkling details. 



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