Valentine's Week with Fullah Sugah

This time I have a really cool post to share with you! Check one-week trendy outfits by Fullah Sugah styled by me.


Classy Monday! Wear super popular trend - couch florals print and enjoy your Monday. 

Skirt | Fullah Sugah Sweater | Fullah Sugah Shoes | Fullah Sugah Bag | Fullah Sugah


One day before St.Valentine's! Add metallic shades to your look and run to get the best gift for your boyfriend.
Top | FullahSugah  Culotte | Fullah Sugah  Bag | Fullah Sugah  Shoes | Fullah Sugah 


Here is the day! Style your little black dress with super trendy over the knee vinyl boots. 
Dress | Fullah Sugah  Vest  Fullah Sugah  Boots | Fullah Sugah  Bag | Fullah Sugah 


What a great news!  He gave you a Fullah Sugah gift card and you are going to have a shopping day.
Dress | Fullah Sugah  Jacket | Fullah Sugah  Boots | Fullah Sugah


You need an all-day-long outfit for Friday! The day starts at your office and ends with a friend of yours discussing the great Valentine's week you had. A tartan jacket is a trendy way to style your monochrome look.
Jacket | Fullah Sugah  Skirt | Fullah Sugah  Bag | Fullah Sugah  Hat | Fullah Sugah


Weekends are made for families! Ruffles are made to make even a simple athleisure look romantic and feminine.          

Overall | Fullah Sugah Top | Fullah Sugah Bag | Fullah Sugah

 IT-Photography (find here)

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