Baby Toys Trend: Personalised Quiet Book


These books are made to be loved! Super soft multi-tasker quiet book is the best toy for your child. From the first month, you can start showing personalized pages to your baby. This book can be baby's easiest on-the-go fun. Eleni got her book from the Greek handmade brand Twins Craft and she's in love. We have a page with a fun unicorn squeak, a bird with moving wings and more details to play with. The customized cover was made especially for my daughter and it's a perfect gift for any child!

Девочки, предлагаю познакомиться с греческим брэндом Twins Craft, создающие уникальные вещи из фетра. Для моей дочки была сшита книга -развивашка с ее именем на обложке. каждая страница - это маленькое приклучение для малыша, со звуком, цветом и формой. Кстати, на моей странице в Инстаграм идет розыгрыш такой же книги для вашего ребенка!

  Σας χαρίζουμε ένα personalised βιβλίο δραστηριοτήτων με ήχους και υφές για ανάπτυξη λεπτής κινητικότητας. 
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  1. but maybe give them one or two weeks to show that they will play with it, and if they do, let them keep it, if they don't, tell them that it is time for that toy to find a new home.


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