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One of the most wanted Greek brands with a feminine highlight. I'm a big fan of Nazezhda, who creates feminine, ultra-sexy clothes, ready-to-wear, and always trendy. This set looks great with flat mules, and high heels as well. 

Mules | Sagiakos Co-ord | Nazezhda 

Ένα αγαπημένο μπράντ από τα Ελληνικά που έχω στην γκαρνταρόμπα μου και θέλω να το μάθετε και εσείς! 
Από το 2013 η σχεδιάστρια Nazezhda παρουσιάζει ρούχα για λαμπερές, δυναμικές και εντυπωσιακές κοπέλες. Τα επιλέγω πολλά χρόνια για τις εμφανίσεις μου και θέλω να τα αγαπήσετε και εσείς. 

Mules | Sagiakos Co-ord | Nazezhda 

Один из самых ярких и экстравагнтных греческих брендов. Хочу поделиться с вами, Nazezhda - дизайнер, приковавший к себе внимание многих греческих селебрити, а также блоггеров. ЕЁ вещи отлично впишутся в гврдероб смелой, любяей привлекать внимание девушки. Оцените мой образ! 

Mules | Sagiakos Co-ord | Nazezhda 

 IT-Photography (find here)

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  1. I love this dress! You're so cute and you look stylish model!

  2. I love Greek brand because they always launch very fresh collection of dresses. I have purchased many dresses from this brand and I am waiting for summer collection of this brand.

  3. I really love the costume and design specially the color which you have choose is really amazing and attractive. Well I am working in a reputable video production company Vancouver and seeking a beautiful model for next project and I believe that you are a good choice for my next video. So, can you share me some more details and pictures, so we will contact you soon.

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  5. I love Greek Brands because it always attract my attention due to the fresh design and color. Currently I am working in a Best Travel Agency in Dubai but I wish to join a cloth brand because I love fashion and also have some ideas about launching a new design in market.


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