What is a Trends Control?

Trend [noun] - mainstream objects/subjects followed by many people.

Control [verb] - check, regulate or keep within limits.

Trends Control is a blog about the main fashion, food, beauty, travel & lifestyle tendencies. Include TIPS & DIYs to implement these trends to your life.

Why Trends Control should be considered as a useful blog?

If you are searching for style experiments & advices, or you are going to visit a new country and you want to feel like a local, may be your goal is to find a new hobby, or simply you need colourful changes in your life, this blog is going to help you, giving correct directions.

My name is Lia Igam

I'm Russian journalist and blogger from Kazakhstan. 
Now I live in Athens, Greece.
Travelling is my hobby, reading is my passion, writing is my life.
My personal email: liaigam35@gmail.com

***I speak Russian, Greek & English. 

 Thank You for visiting Trends Control!

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