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Time goes fast! A season past after the Versace for H & M presentation. The special day for the fashionistas all over the world came! The Swedish brand presents Anna Dello Russo limited accessories collection on it's shelves.

Style icon for millions of fashionistas around the world and beautiful woman, Anna Dello Russo has created capsule collection of accessories for democratic brand H & M.

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Trunks, suitcases, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and shoes made ​​in the golden and  turquoise  range of colors became the subjects of a fetish for trend-lovers. What have I done? Dressed in a "suit of a blogger" (long skirt, a shapeless shirt - all trendy brick color and also a strange hairstyle) and I went on shopping.
There are hundreds of H & M stores in Greece. Versace collection was presented in every store, but not this one! They put  Anna Dello Russo only into ... two stores in the country! Imagine this hustle! in order to avoid it, I decided to come near 11 am (stores open at 9:30-10.)

And I saw .. NOTHING on the shelves ! From 8 am people took place in the line near the store door with coupons! Nightmare! So I decided to find out what is hidden in the few remaining boxes.

Number 1 - a necklace a la "Anastasia" cartoon. This one reminds me the treasures that Anastasia's  grandmother gave her.

Number 2 - earrings with fallen stone. Awful quality! It should be noted that the brand H & M offers a much more interesting and high-quality jewelry, than this!

Number 3 - shoes, which I named "Sex machine". Probably because they came up with Ms. Dello Russo collection, they must be somehow special. But apparently I was not given such a deep sense of fashion to catch the meaning.

Number 4 - these are not so bad as the rest. Since these are woven into trende season SS'13, why not! My size was not there, so I did not continue to think about  their existence in my wardrobe. 

Number 5 - disposable ballet flats. We have relatively clean streets in Athens. It is quite possible to wear light-colored suede shoes 2-3 seasons. But to wear shoes with suede white soles! This is something out of my mind! A golden leatherette made amazing damage to my feet in 2 minutes!

Number 6 - glasses, which I called "Rescuers". Because you couldn't take  this chain off, and it can easily pull you on the bottom of the sea during a walk along the promenade! They weigh is so big for glasses!

Number 7 - cute mini bag. This seems to be the only interesting exhibit in this capsule collection.  But 170 euros it's  to much for this quality.

Number  8 - Hitchcock's nightmare! A cuckoo dead in a snare=( This is  the most unpopular object of the ADR's collection. I think that in Athens nobody bought it! Since I do not like any stuffed animals and even a little afraid of them, I run 100 meters far from this masterpiece! BoOoOo!

The only thing that I took with me was a newspaper in which a happy Anna Dello Russo shows off some beautiful parts of here collection. Sure, you can say, "How can you judge, you have not seen the whole collection!" Yes, I did not. BUT! Looking at the quality of the Bijou that was left, I could say, in fact, that  there was nothing there to buy! How they could made some earrings using cheap plastic with "falling" stones, and the other from the nice quality metal or plastic? Do not believe, my friends! Ms. Dello Russo herself is not wearing what she offers.You would bye it because the collection was signed by renowned name in the fashion world? Thank you, but me not! I'm a person who respect the clothes that ears. Even if they are made by democratic brands!

Here's a day for me and ADR collection for H & M in Athens!
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