Post#195. The Royal Baby Trend

That’s the total all over the world trend...

Every website, twitter channel or blogger are talking about him... His name is unknown, his face is mystique, but he’s already the passion and the big lve of every British person who’s living in this world. Probably, after 50 years he could be the King of the UK, today he is just “His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge”.

Sounds nice?! Prince William and Katherine Middleton son is  going to bring 250 mill pounds in countries profit from the tourists spends in the Britain.
Even famous brand names are trying to earn money from the Royal Baby, by launching collections for him, creating a special designs etc.
Even I could not avoid writing about him... Be healthy, Your Royal Highness, Baby Prince and bring something good and magic for this world, as you grandmother...


And finally the photo of newborn baby! 

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  1. The whole thing is so crazy, but God save granny is funny! hahaha Oh yes, DSquared2!

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