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Spring is here! It means evening parties (birthdays, weddings etc) are going outside. What's the best trend to try during this season? I'll say a cut out dresses! Impress with your feminine shapes, covered with laser cut fabric. Show off your shoulders to remain 80's style or play with the stripes, as seen at fashion catwalks. Keep in mind while shopping your new dress that this season designers are obsessed with the V-neckline! One more detail to show is your waist. TIP: in case you are not ready to show your body out, wear a cut out detail over the t-shirt or white classic shirt! Merge your cut out dress with a peep toe heels and try to avoid bold shoes: this time all eyes are on your dress! Stylish trench coat or a robe looking coat is the best way to keep your body ward & stylish while parting in a sexy dress. 

You can find more cut out dresses HERE!

Весна - это сезон праздников! Если вы в поисках трендового наряда на свадьбу подруги или день рождения друга, тоя рекомендую платья с вырезами под названием  laser cut. Кусочки тела, похожи на мозаику, в переплетении с тканью. Кстати, если вы еще не подготовили тело к открытым разрезам и изгибам, наденьте под платье топ или рубашку, создав причудливую игру цветов и материала. 
V-cut Dress | Kissmiss  Black Dress | Kissmiss

V-Cut Dress | Kissmiss   Mesh Cut Dress | Kissmiss

Blue Dress | Kissmiss   Dust Pink Dress | Kissmiss

Top | Kissmiss  Beige Dress | Kissmiss

Picture sources: pinterest.com, kissmiss.com

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