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This summer is dedicated to shirts! The only thing you should keep in mind: a shirt of yours should be customised in a most creative way. Oversized ruffles, rich embroidery or statement details - a style is up to you. Pare it with something simple, as denim or silk shorts for everyday outfits or with a funky pants for party look. One shirt is never enough, so get more than two to have a variety of trends to wear during the Summer 2017.

Этим летом рубашки становятся одним из самых актуальных предметов гардероба! Вот только не классические, а асимметричные, объемные и расшитые. Носим их с простыми шортами или брюками, оставляя основной акцент на верней части образа.
Shirt Shein Shorts | Shein

Shirt Shein Short | Shein

Shirt | Shein Short | Shein

Pants | Shein Shirt | Shein 

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