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As we discussed before, #greenery is a new trend to follow. This colour comes to fashion and lifestyle both. This time I would like to give you some style ideas how to customise your home with a new trend, without spending thousands of euros.
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The cheery shade of green, also known as #greenery was named A Color Of The Year 2017 by Pantone. This fresh update could give a level up to your apartment when styled correctly with all the other staff.

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Colour block curtains is a great way to make a statement with your home decoration! It's new and different way to put a fashion runway into your place. In case you believe that the statement pieces are too busy, this concept is wrong. But if you love bold details, you'll enjoy it! 

Colorblock curtain | Highendcurtains

Play with materials adding a pin of textures to your room! Plated, embroidered or silk green curtains are looking great, adding comfort to your life. 

Textured Curtains | Highendcurtains

Geometric curtains ( http://www.highendcurtain.com/geometric-curtains-c-2_16.html ) are made for a minimal interior design. Black and white lines are going to synchronise furniture, carpets and decorations in one colour. A fresh pin to this house look is a greenery panel, adding a tropical vibe to your life. 

Geometric Curtains | Highendcurtains

Romantic curtains are made for family interiors for comfortable evenings near the fireplace. Follow this trend if your place is dressed the same way. In another case, this kind of curtains could look kitsch and old school. 
Linen Curtains | Highendcurtains

In case you want something else, apart from these trends, I have posted above, please check  Hhighendcurtain e-shop (  http://www.highendcurtain.com/ ) for more designs. Just keep in mind that colour named Greenery is meant to represent refreshment and new life, something we all need daily. 

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