Check the list below to get inspired with the Spring / Summer 2018 fashion tendencies!

 ᐅ 1. The Trench Dress

Trench | Lightinthebox Belt | Lightinthebox

 ᐅ 2. Cropped Sweater/Cardigan

Cropped Sweater | Rosegal Skirt | Rosegal

ᐅ 3. Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt | Rosegal Top | Rosegal

ᐅ 4. Volan Sleeves

Rose Shirt | Shein Blue Shirt | Shein

ᐅ 5. One Shoulder Shirt

White Shirt | Shein Red Shirt | Shein

ᐅ 6. Dark Denim

Jeans | Shein Coat Shein

ᐅ 7. Ice Cream Suit

Jacket | Lightinthebox Trousers | Lightinthebox

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