SS18 Wedding Trends: 3+1 Best Guest Dresses

Every season fashion tendencies are changing so the wedding does! From formal, elegant maxi dresses to more modern and trendy alternatives wedding guests are going to have a big variety of styles to choose. My favorite looks flutter between Victorian style and rich embroidery as the designers take every chance to show statement details. Colors rule the runway and individuality is the king! Below I have a couple of trendy styles to wear if you are a wedding guest this season. You can choose one of these elegant dresses for wedding guests and shop it, following the link. 


Statement Sleeve Dress  |  Wepromdress  Sleeveless Dress  | Wepromdress


Light Blue Dress  | Wepromdress  Royal Blue Dress  | Wepromdress


White Dress  | Wepromdress  Multicolor Dress  | Wepromdress


Maxi Violet Dress  | Wepromdress  Mini Violet Dress  | Wepromdress

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