Summer 2018 SWIMWEAR Trends


Designers got a bit creative this season with giving us plenty of styles for swimwear fashion! The new swimming year starts right now and we should be ready for it. For example, one of the prettiest trends to try on vacay is the underwire swimwear. I have checked the lists with the swimwears designers made for Summer 2018 and I'm ready to show you all the silhouettes, colors, and prints to invest in. My shopping list from Zaful e-shop is published below...


Yellow Swimwear | Zaful  Floral Swimwear | Zaful

Do you remember this super girly bow in the middle of the bra? This season this bow goes sexy... This super detail draws attention to the decollete area and looks extremely feminine. 


Multicolor striped swimwear | Zaful  Orange stripped swimwear | Zaful 

Super funky print that's made your swimwear way sporty! This kind of bra could be easily worn as a top during your vacay period, paired with high waisted denim shorts. 

Bordeaux Wrap Swimwear | Zaful  Black Wrap Swimwear | Zaful

Straight out of the Instagram posts this bra are coming this summer to impress! You can find a dozen of crossbody sexy bikini 2018 styles at the


Green Swimwear | Zaful  Orange Swimwear | Zaful 

High waisted bikini bottoms are a perfect style for hot mamas! Personally, adore it from the moment I visited a swimming pool with my daughter for the first time. Comfortable bottoms give you an additional feeling of comfort, especially when you are running to catch your you babby. We've got so many more colorways & prints to choose from. 


White Lace Top | Zaful  Tropical Swimwear | Zaful

A bandeau swim top is closer to real-life fashion! Whether lace, ruffled or minimal this off-the-shoulder up gets really popular. It definitely helps to tan in a perfect way. 

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